The original gin juice recipe was created at Captn Greggs by Chuck and Mickey-Gin Juice recipeGin juice recipes-Captn Greggs famous Gin juice-

  Original Gin Juice Recipe


Captn Greggs Beach Resort offers a great facility for scuba diving in the Philippines. Captn Greggs Dive Centre operates not only as a dive center but it also offer services such as restaurant and hotel accommodation. Their services are designed to provide better comfort and relaxing vacation experience while taking visiting divers to a one of a kind diving experience with the beautiful marine and aquatic life that abundantly lie underneath the magnificent water of Puerto Galera Bay. Captn Greggs has equally created the recipe of the famous gin juice which has become very popular on Sabang Beach, Puerto Galera in Manila and Subic Bay.


Captn Gregg`s is also famous for it`s Gin juice which you can have here but also is given out on any of the local events.
The original gin juice Captn Greggs. Captn Greggs invented the original recipe of the famous gin juice in 1990 and it is now very popular in Puerto Galera as well as in Subic and even Manila

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The original gin juice recipe Sabang Beach Puerto Galera Philippines