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Technical diving Philippines the best deals for tech diving courses and packages in the Philippines guaranteed. At Captn Greggs you will find a great atmosphere which will make your stay nice and comfortable. Therefore making you enjoy scuba diving in the Philippines and particularly in Sabang Beach. Come and join us down here for great adventures! Captn Greggs offers a complete range of Padi scuba diving courses in the Philippines such as PADI Scuba Diver-PADI Open Water Diver-PADI Adventure Diver-Boat Diver-Deep Diver-Diver Propulsion Vehicle-Drift Diver-Dry Suit Diver-Multilevel Diver-Night Dive-Peak Performance Buoyancy-Search and Recovery Diver. Padi Philippines-


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Captngreggs is the oldest dive shop in Puerto Galera doing Technical diving courses since 2000. We have also the honour of having the deepest dives in Puerto, well that was awhile but nonetheless we have learnt from them. These days we concentrate on putting out excellent tech divers. Technical diving isn't just getting you to dive sites WHERE the normal recreational divers cannot get to, it actually MAKES  you a better diver, more so than a Divemaster or your recreational instructor. Why so, technical divers go through a lot of training including calculating air consumption, decompression stops, travel times, balloon deployments and buoyancy control, you will have plenty of to do that at your deco stops. The different types of equipment we use on the dives are numerous from twin tanks, stage bottles reels dive slates computers the list goes on. Either way you will have a great time while learning how to become a better diver. Here at Captn Gregg's we teach from basic Nitrox all the way up to Deep air, with TDI and PSA certifications. See you here one day for the diving of our life time!


PADI Courses
If you want to learn to scuba dive, take a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Open Water Diver Course , the most widely recognized and respected diving certification in the world.

Captn Greggs speed boats !!!!


Within a few days, you can be enjoying the underwater world.
Not sure if a full-blown course is for you? Try out one of our beginner dives!!
So what are you waiting for. Learn to dive today!

Nitrox Trimix diving Philipines

Our diving rates are very competitive. Bring your gear, or let us suit you up! 

We are Full PADI upto Assistant Instructor PSAI Training Centre Narcosis Management Centre Level 1-6 Also TDI too to Full Trimix l

Discover scuba - Scuba diver - Open water - Advanced open water - Rescue diver EFR - Divemaster - Nitrox - Advanced nitrox - Deco Procedures - Extended range/ intro trimix - Advanced trimix  

Trimix diving Philippines

 Technical diving instructor -

For more information on Technical diving courses please contact us directly.

Technical dicing in the Philippines - Captn Greggs We are Full PADI upto Assistant Instructor PSAI Training Centre Narcosis Management Centre Level 1-6 Also TDI too to Full Trimix l

Technical diving Puerto Galera

Technical diving Puerto Galera Discover scuba - Scuba diver - Open water - Advanced open water - Rescue diver EFR - Divemaster - Nitrox - Advanced nitrox - Deco Procedures - Extended range/ intro trimix - Advanced trimix

Become a technical scuba diver. Learn to scuba dive with PADI scuba diving instructors who guide you with scuba lessons. We have a 100% safety record which we are very proud of. Capt'n Greggs proudly is the dive shop who foremost enhances the dive sites with boat friendly moorings Scuba diving in Sabang Beach is by far the main distraction. Not a diver yet! Come and join the fun. We will teach you diving.

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