The very best restaurant in Puerto GaleraTop restaurants in the Philippines-Captn Greggs one of the better restaurants in Sabang Beach

  The best Restaurant Puerto Galera


Captn Greggs Beach Resort offers a great facility for scuba diving in the Philippines. Captn Greggs Dive Centre operates not only as a dive center but it also offer services such as restaurant and hotel accommodation. Their services are designed to provide better comfort and relaxing vacation experience while taking visiting divers to a one of a kind diving experience with the beautiful marine and aquatic life that abundantly lie underneath the magnificent water of Puerto Galera Bay. Top restaurant in Puerto galera. Value restaurant in Sabang Beach



Captn Greggs Dive Centre restaurant offers a variety of menus ranging from Mexican dishes, Filipino dishes and Western foods. The open air on the restaurant allows visiting guests enjoy a fine dining and relaxing experience while enjoying the beautiful scenic views of the sea. The restaurant being situated on the second floor gives a more captivating view of the sea that makes it an ideal place to drink and dine.

Captn Greggs sea food-Satisfying portions small prices

Capt'n Gregg's has a 2nd-floor open-air restaurant right on the water. The American breakfast (around P290) is good value and there's a nightly barbecue. Big eaters might like to take up the 'Pizza Challenge': you have one hour to eat a 50cm pizza. Finish it and it's free; wimp out and you shout the bar.Our friendly staff

German sausages-Enjoy international food, while overlooking the sea

With it's old style being situated on the second floor overlooking the water, it makes an ideal place to wine and dine. With a wide selection of meals on the menu a freezer full of cold beverages, watch Cable TV or videos in the bar area or just listening to the music, it would be very hard not to enjoy your self along with your friends. Get together with friends, old and new, at Capt'n Gregg's  in puerto galera


Captn Greggs has the biggest steaks in town! Grilled to perfection

The biggest steaks in town!
Captn Greggs has one of the best wine selection in Puerto Galera Captn Greggs is one of the good restaurants in Puerto Galera
Good and fresh food in Sabang Beach Captn Greggs has the biggest steaks in Sabang Beach!

Dining and wining with us!


Value for money. Enjoy good food at a reasonable price in our open air restaurant while enjoying a beautiful view of the sea. Prime location! If you are looking for a good restaurant in Sabang Beach Puerto Galera, Captn Greggs is the place to go.

Barbecue is on everynight-Fresh seafoods meats and poultry

Captn Greggs is one of the better restaurants in Sabang Beach., serving international and local dishes at reasonable prices. Don't forget to try the famous Gin Juice while waiting for your food.

Captn Greggs. Is known for its scrumptious international dishes, the dining place makes sure that people will have a delectable meal for affordable price. fine selection of Mexican dishes. Along with our usual varity of Philippino and Western food there is something for everyone to enjoy. For breakfast, Captn Greggs restaurant offers American Breakfast, Australian Breakfast, and Filipino Breakfast.

Top seller fresh Mango shake.

Try a refreshing tropical shake by the bar

Mexican food Captn Greggs has a wide choice of international dishes to offer on Sabang Beach
Value restaurant Puerto Galera Wine selection Sabang Beach

Various choice of great food!

Come and enjoy your evening while dining in a good restaurant that has a prime location in Sabang Beach Home of Gin JuicePrime location restaurant at Sabang Beach-Voted the best restaurant on Sabang Beach Imported wines are available in Sabang Beach
  The original gin juice recipe is only available at Captn Greggs Organize your birthday or wedding party here

International meals and wines contrast with local offerings to create a unique experience