Going to Sabang Beach takes a couple of hours drive from Manila to Batangas and one and a half hour of boat ride to get to Captn’ Greggs Dive Centre. One can make travel arrangements with Captn’ Greggs Dive Centre for a more private and hassle free travel.

All you need to do is contact us. We will make sure you get here from the airport to your room in safety and style. Transportation is available, and we will be looking forward to taking care of your visit to make it a memorable time you will never forget.

Bus and ferry are the major means of public transportation going to Captn’ Greggs Beach resort and dive centre.

An alternative is the Sikat Bus & Ferry  which offers a combined tourist bus and boat service daily … 8:00 AM Book your Hotel in Manila!

How to get to Puerto Galera from Batangas is the easiest traveling agenda of choice. Getting to the island by sea is far more economical and practical than traveling by air. Since you are already in Batangas, your transportation cost is naturally lower than coming from anywhere else. This is usually the time when tourists from Manila come home.
From Manila, there are several bus lines that can be taken going to Batangas. The trip will take three hours but could take as long as six hours depending on the traffic and weather. From there, one would have to take a ferry going to Puerto Galera. It is not advisable to travel during Saturday mornings as well as return to Manila on Sundays.
Ferry boats are basically priced the same. If you ever need to pre-book your tickets, it would be concerning the time of your travel. Especially during the peak season, you can expect people to come in droves to find the first ferry boat they could get a seat into. To make your vacation a relaxing and stress-free one, you would not want to join in the chaos.
mindoro-sprinter-smallThe Mindoro Sprinter, the new 22 seater Navicat, Private Resorts and boat taxi service is now operational. It’s been built to the highest standards with all the modern safety and navigation equipment. So now, the fastest and most comfortable way to get to (and from) Puerto Galera, and directly to your resort. Please see http://www.mindorosprinter.com/ for more information and booking.